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Taiyuan—China’s Coal Museum—Shanxi Museum
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AM:  Sight viewing the only national coal museum in the largest simulated undermine of Asia. Acknowledge the production scene and development history and experience the producing process of the mind workers. Enjoy the special local snacks at noon: Ren Yili Steamed Dumplings, Wang Ping Noodle and Liu Weizhai Pickled Meat.

PM:  Visit Shanxi Museum--the largest preservation, collection, research and exhibition center of culture relics. Enjoy the profound history and culture in Shanxi Province.

China’s Coal Museum

China’s coal museum, promoted and built by former Ministry of Coal Industry, Shanxi provincial committee and government, is only one national-level coal industry museum, and also the collection center of historical relics, specimen, literature, and information of national coal industry. “Searching tour for coal sea” is a permanent popular science exhibition for large coal science and technology with the purpose of building national first-class museum. “Searching tour for coal sea” makes use of modern methods to concentrate the long Chinese coal history in the 6,000 square meters space. 








Shanxi Museum

Shanxi Museum located on West Binhe Road of Taiyuan City is directly subordinated to Shanxi Administration of Cultural Relics and belongs to a vice departmental building. The museum has a floor area of 168 mu, a floor area of 51,000m2, an area of 10,000m2 for exhibition hall and an area of 12,000m2 for storage area. Shanxi Museum is one of the comprehensive geological museums built earlier in China. The exhibits of Shanxi Museum mainly taking the “spirit of Shanxi” as the theme consist of seven historic cultural specials, such as Origin of Cultivation, Trace of Xia and Shang, Accomplishments of Shanxi, A Forge of Nations, Remnant of Buddhism, Hometown of Traditional Opera, Shanxi Merchants During Ming and Qing, etc., and five art specials, such as Wonderful Constructions, Landscape Elites, Hanmo Danqing, Fangyuan World, Fine Products of Porcelain, etc. 








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