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Taiyuan Zoo, locatd on the Mountain of the Crouching Tiger in the northeastern corner of Taiyuan City, 6 km from the downtown, covers an area of 79.36 hectares (1190.41 acres), the landform is high in the southeast and low in the northwest at an altitude of 816 to 889 m, about 5 li long in a straight line from west to east, and about 1 to 2 li in average width from north to south. There are more than 70 trees in the zoo, up to 300000 strains of plants, lawn area of 600000 m2, and greening rate of above 85%. Taiyuan Zoo, the only professional zoo in Shanxi Province, has trees making a pleasant shade, remaining green throughout the year, and good environment; there are a wide range of animals, and complete entertainment facilities. There is a white arch bridge stretching across the south and north lakes, and three smooth and wide zoo roads leading to the animal exhibition areas. The exhibition areas are divided into three major view areas by territories: i.e. a viewing area of large herbivorous and carnivorous animals; a viewing area of birds and small and medium size carnivorous and omnivorous animals; a viewing area of small and medium size herbivorous animals. The viewing areas are subclassified by divisions of animals to constitute the exhibition halls. There are national key protected animals giant panda, golden monkeys, manchurian tigers, red-crowned cranes, etc., as well as exotic white rhinos, giraffes, baboons, zebra and other animals.

On the Mountain of the Crouching Tiger in the northeastern corner of Taiyuan City
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