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Mengshan Buddha
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Mengshan Buddha, also called Xishan Buddha, is located in the northwest of Sidi Village, Jinsheng, Jinyuan District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province. According to historical records, this Buddha was chiseled in the second year (551) of Tenpou of Gao Yang, the Emperor Wenxuan in the Northern Qi Dynasty. The exposed portion of the chest and neck of the Xishan Buddha on site is 17.5 m high, 25 m wide, the diameter of the neck is 5 m wide, recorded as "two hundred feet in height" in the Tang Dynasty, approximately equivalent to the present 63 m calculated to a plain gage of the Tang Dynasty, only 8 m lower than the Giant Stone Buddha at Leshan Mountain in Sichuan, China, and 10 m higher than the Afghanistan Buddhas of Bamyan (53 m high) called as "The First Grand Buddha Worldwide" in the western countries ever before. According to the chiselling time, there is no clear survey on the Buddhas of "Bamyan" in the western countries, it was considered that the Buddhas of "Bamyan" was chiselled between "the third to seventh century", this is not an accurate estimate, while it was explicitly recorded in historical records that our Xishan Buddha in Jinyang was chiseled in the second year (551) of Tianbao of the Northern Qi Dynasty in the sixth century. If according to the statement that the Buddhas of "Bamyan" was chiselled in "the 7th century", our Xishan Buddha in Jinyang was chiselled one century earlier. It was 162 years earlier than the Leshan Giant Buddha chiselled in the first year (713) of Kai-Yuan Tang. According to this, Xishan Buddha in Jinyang is the Second Grand Buddha Worldwide in terms of height, and the earliest large statue of buddha worldwide in terms of year.




Sidi Village, Jinsheng, Jinyuan District, Taiyuan City
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Spring, autumn and summer

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Near the downtown of Taiyuan, you can return to the downtown to get accommodation after the visit comes to an end



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