Highlights of 2022 Government Work Report
Source: 中央广播电视总台

Main targets for 2022

- China sets its GDP growth target for 2022 at around 5.5 percent

- China plans to create more than 11 million new jobs in 2022

- China will maintain its CPI at around 3 percent in 2022

- China plans to cut the ratio of its deficit to GDP to around 2.8 percent for the year of 2022

- China aims to keep its grain output of over 650 million metric tons in 2022

- China's tax refunds and cuts are expected to total around 2.5 trillion yuan (about $395 billion) this year

Fiscal, monetary policy for 2022

- The fundamentals of China's economy remain unchanged, and they will maintain long-term growth

- The Chinese government will keep its belt tightened and keep spending low to benefit the people

- China's proactive fiscal policy should be more effectual, more targeted, and more sustainable

- China will step up implementation of the prudent monetary policy in 2022

- China's prudent monetary policy should be both flexible and appropriate, with reasonably ample liquidity being maintained

- China will continue to expand international economic and trade cooperation, and push for in-depth reform and high-quality development by promoting high-standard opening-up

- China will keep RMB exchange rate generally stable

- China will take stronger action against monopolies and unfair competition to ensure a well-ordered and fair market environment

- China will encourage financial institutions to lower real loan interest rates and cut fees

Social policy for 2022

- China will improve measures for the three-child policy

- China will continue its effective routine COVID-19 control to prevent inbound cases and domestic resurgences

- China will continue to implement its employment-first policy to stabilize the job market in 2022

- China will fully consolidate and build on its achievements in poverty elimination

- China will step up efforts to study and protect against virus variants, accelerate R&D of vaccines and effective medicines, and continue implementing vaccination programs

- China will take well-ordered steps to achieve peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality

- China will implement a 10-year action plan on basic research to ensure stable support for scientific and technological innovation over the long term

- China seeks further improvement in the environment in 2022, with continued reduction in the discharge of major pollutants

- China will ensure the area of farmland remains above the redline of 120 million hectares

- China will crack down hard on the trafficking of women and children and protect their lawful rights and interests

- China will continue improving the fairness and quality of education

Diplomacy for 2022

- China will promote high-quality cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative

- China will pursue the Global Development Initiative and promote the shared values of all hμmanity

- China ready to contribute more to world peace, prosperity


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