Transparency in Poverty Alleviation
Source: 外文局

Funds for poverty relief are intended to help those in need, and it is unacceptable that a single coin might be wasted or misused. There will be transparent management and strict auditing, and work-related crimes in poverty alleviation will be investigated and punished. Those who dare to misappropriate, retain, falsely claim, or squander poverty relief funds will be severely punished.

Development-oriented poverty alleviation is a matter of distribution of resources. Avoiding malpractice and plugging loopholes have remained a problem around the world. On the one hand, local governments and other organizations as the executors of relevant policies might try to use policies to benefit themselves first, thereby leading to waste of relief resources; on the other, asymmetric information can easily lead to passive execution of policies. To tackle these problems, Xi Jinping demands "clean conduct and transparency in poverty alleviation" and strict evaluation of the officials involved.

To increase transparency, discipline and rules will be strictly observed, with improved institutions, strict scrutiny, and effective prevention and penalties for violations. Public notification of the application of poverty relief funds and projects will be improved, as will the procedures for the poor to participate in every step of poverty alleviation. Media scrutiny, cross-reviews and supervision between provinces, and third party evaluation will also be introduced and encouraged to enhance the transparent usage of funds, project implementation, and evaluation of relevant outcomes.


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