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Taiyuan Forest of Steles Park
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The Forest of Steles Park, located at the east bank of Fen River, Taiyuan City, covers an area of 13728㎡, floor area of 4577.01 ㎡, corridor of 489.6 extension meters, lawn of 5800 ㎡, water surface of 1100 ㎡, with plants in a total number of 2134 in the park, 88 varieties of 400 flowers and plants, the ratio of green space and plants intact rate up to 52.7% and 98%. It is a new highly specialized cultural park beginning to take shape. The Forest of Steles Park, a collection of culture and relaxation, has the main features of collection, show, appreciation, social education, tour and sightseeing. It takes the lead in numerous garden spots in Forest of Steles resorts in China, has a unique style, has gained "An Unique Pearl of Sanjin", "A Good Position for Traditional Education" and other reputation anecdotes, and has been nominated as the "Moral Education Base" by provincial and municipal Education Commissions. So far there are 418 stone tablets collected in the Forest of Steles, and perhaps this is a miniature of the vitality of the Chinese traditional culture.



West End of Kangle Street in the southeast of the bridge at Yingze Building Street

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