CaiGaoqiao, or walking on stilts, is another popular traditional performance of theSpring Festival, especially in Northern China. Cai means walking on, and Gaoqiao means stilts. According to the archives,
Shanxi is the hometown of vinegar. It is said that its history can be traced back to 2700 years ago. Perhaps just because they often eat noodle, the vinegar became essential on the table of Shanxi people.
Yongzuo Temple, also known as the Twin Pagoda Temple, has over 400 years of history. The twin pagodas in the temple, which are the tallest ancient architecture in Taiyuan, have been recognized as the symbol of Taiyuan city for many years.
Every year at July 2nd of lunar calendar, a grant meeting is held at the Jinci Temple. The locals build a big broad awning, and invite theatrical troops to act on the platform. Besides, you may see the folk society as well as the fireworks performance.
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