CaiGaoqiao, or walking on stilts, is another popular traditional performance of theSpring Festival, especially in Northern China. Cai means walking on, and Gaoqiao means stilts. According to the archives,
Shanxi is the hometown of vinegar. It is said that its history can be traced back to 2700 years ago. Perhaps just because they often eat noodle, the vinegar became essential on the table of Shanxi people.
The 6th Expo Central China being held in Taiyuan this Sep.
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The organizing committee of the 6th Central China Investment and Trade Exposition (referred to as Expo Central China) held the press conference in Beijing on April 22nd. The conference declared that the 6th Expo Central China would be held on Sep.26-28 in Taiyuan city of Shanxi province. The conference was hosted by Yao Jian, director of General Office,spokesman of Ministry of Commerce. The standing deputy director-general of the organizing committee of the 6th Expo Central China, vice minister of Commerce, Wang Chao; vice director-general, secretary-general of the organizing committee, standing member of Shanxi Provincial Party Committee, vice governor of Shanxi province, Gao Jianmin respectively briefed the basic information and preparation work of the Expo and answered the questions.

Themed with “Economic Transformation and Leap-forward Development” and “the Rise of Central China”, the 6th Expo Central China will send invitation to 13,000 distinguished guests in politics, industry and business at home and abroad and experts as well. By that time, these guests will attend such major events as opening ceremony, summit forum2011, symposium of representatives from six central China’s provinces and transnational companies and signing ceremony of major cooperation projects. There will be another 19 forums with special topics and promotion events based on the development orientation and industrial characteristics of central China.

There are three features on this Expo.
Firstly, it highlights the transformation of economic pattern. According to the general development objective of Regulation on Promoting the Rise of Central China, and the practical situation of central region, a series of events are planned for the Expo, based on the transformation of economic pattern, the idea of energy conservation and environment protection, low-carbon economy, new and high technology and modern service industry, which is aiming to exploit potentials of central region and realize the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development.

Secondly, it attaches great importance to regional economy and emerging industries. The forums and other special events on the 6th Expo are designed to explore new approaches for the development of regional economy, and to find new ideas to develop the emerging industries. These events mainly include Forum on Pilot Resource-dependent Economic Transformation Reform, Promotion on Key Industries in Poyang Lake Eco-Economic Zone, Promotion on Key Strategic Industries in Central Plain Economic Zone, Forum on Tourism Cooperation in Central China, Seminar on China's Cultural Creative Industry, Seminar on Emerging Industry Cooperation of Anhui Province and Promotion on Strategic Emerging Industries of Hunan Province.

Thirdly, it pays more attention to the practical effects of the Expo, especially that of projects matching. Before convening the Expo, the six provinces have already carried out projects promotion at home and abroad, and opened up a project-matching system on internet. During the Expo, several special projects matching symposiums will be held and about 6500 project opportunities will be put forward by six central provinces.

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Yongzuo Temple, also known as the Twin Pagoda Temple, has over 400 years of history. The twin pagodas in the temple, which are the tallest ancient architecture in Taiyuan, have been recognized as the symbol of Taiyuan city for many years.
Every year at July 2nd of lunar calendar, a grant meeting is held at the Jinci Temple. The locals build a big broad awning, and invite theatrical troops to act on the platform. Besides, you may see the folk society as well as the fireworks performance.
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