Special Culture
["Taiyuan Kaolaolao is often dipped in mutton or mushroom soup, or in sour-spicy sauce.[Photo/]Taiyuan Kaolaolao.The\"kaolao\"is the term for a bucket used by farmers to fetch water or for packing, which is made of bamboo sticks or willow twigs.  The oat flour is kneaded and molded into a tubular shape on the floor, several inches long and thin and it is light yellow in color."]
This refers to the order or hierarchy of human relations and the codes of conduct for people at different levels of the hierarchy.
["Fried boiled pork[Photo/]Fried boiled pork, one of the most famous offerings in traditional Shanxi cuisine, originated during the Southern and Northern Dynastiesamong the aristocrats in the southern Shanxi city of Linfen."]


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