["The Shanxi Department of Education introduced Shanxi provinces education development in the past 10 years at a press conference on Sept.The net enrollment rate of primary school-age children and junior high school-age teens remained above 99.95 percent and above 99.66 percent, respectively, and the gross enrollment rate of senior high school people rose from 88.50 percent to 95.47 percent.  The education informatization system covering urban and rural areas has become more complete, and the internet access rate of primary and secondary schools has reached 100 percent.  Through the provinces higher education vitalization plan, Shanxi has developed 42 disciplines for industrial innovation, and established 66 collaborative innovation centers and 37 industrial technological innovation research institutes.  The vocational education system has been further improved, with four higher vocational colleges winning national recognition and support and 50 secondary vocational schools gaining provincial support.  In addition, the integration of open education, continuing education, community education, and senior education has accelerated, with a mass lifelong learning atmosphere created in the province."]
["The Shanxi Department of Education on April 5 announced a plan for the development of education in North Chinas Shanxi province during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.During this period, Shanxi will promote the high-quality development of basic education, set up vocational schools for undergraduates, and focus on the high-quality development of higher education.Further structural adjustment and layout optimization of urban and rural basic education schools to promote the balanced development of urban and rural basic education.Optimize the layout and structure of high schools and deepen the reform of education to expand comprehensive practice channels for high school studentsSchools in urban areas will be encouraged to operate in groups or to form school-running alliances to promote the regional sharing of high-quality educational resources.  It will adjust and optimize the layout structure of vocational schools, gradually adjust the number of secondary vocational schools to about 320."]


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