["Enterprises from the hydrogen industry sign up to begin operations in the Shanxi city of Lyuliang on July.The filling station is part of the industrial chain in the Pengwan Hydrogen Port, a development zone funded by Pengfei in Lyuliang for the hydrogen industry.The development of hydrogen is an important part of Shanxis energy revolution campaign.Wu Hongwen, chief of the Shanxi Department of Industry and Information Technology, said Shanxi has its unique advantages in developing the hydrogen industry.\"Hydrogen can be made through water electrolysis and extracting from coal-bed methane.\"Wu said.\"But conversion from coking gas is among the most economical ways.\"The official said Shanxi is now the largest coke producer in China and in the world.\"Shanxi can produce 100 million tons of coke a year, the largest in the world.Can be used to develop the largest hydrogen production industry in the world.\"He estimated that Shanxis coking plants can produce 14 billion cubic meters of hydrogen a year.Pengfei Group, the investor and operator of the Pengwan Hydrogen Port in Lyuliang, is one of the leading hydrogen producers in Shanxi.It owns a number of cutting-edge technologies in producing hydrogen from coking gas, developing hydrogen fuel cells and manufacturing hydrogen vehicles.After the completion of its 20000-ton hydrogen facility in July, Pengfei plans to invest another 78 billion yuan in the Pengwan Hydrogen Port, according to Zheng Peng, chairman of Pengfei.\"With this investment."]
Development is the key to solving all of China's problems. It is a task of top priority for present-day China.
Measures needed to support recovery, contain downside risks
contrast with the bustling capital. However, two decades later
researchers get younger, help nation make great strides in innovation During a discussion with representatives of China's youth in 2013


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