Scenic Spots
["A 3700-meter-long city wall is rebuilt for the Old Taiyuan county seat.[Photo by Han Shuangxi for China Daily]If not for a devastating fire in the early Song Dynasty, the city center of Taiyuan, capital of Shanxi province.During the early Ming Dynasty, local officials built a smaller city on the location of fire-destroyed site, to act as the seat of Taiyuan county, an administrative region under the jurisdiction of Taiyuan city.A show featuring a traditional wedding is held in Old Taiyuan in early May.[Photo by Sun Ruisheng/China Daily]Zhou Ailan, a resident from an area neighboring Old Taiyuan, was among the first visitors on the opening day.\"Zhou said.\"I was excited with a number of ancient buildings here but regretted the decay and collapse of some old structures over the decades.\"Many of the old structures have been restored to what I saw decades ago.\"According to officials at the Old Taiyuan scenic area.According to Li Yongqiang, Party secretary of Jinyuan district-which administrates the scenic area-Old Taiyuan is expected to become a major tourist destination in Taiyuan alongside attractions such as Jinci Temple, Jinyang Lake and Taishan.And Tianlong mountains.\"Like Jinci, the oldest temple complex in Taiyuan, the Old Taiyuan scenic area will be a major site for tourists to explore the millennia-long history of Taiyuan and Shanxi province, \"Li said."]


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